With Changes Comes Change

changingAs you are beginning to truly understand how to use the evaluation process, and you see really wonderful results, you will begin to see this world in such a different way than most others do. You will hear people who you love¬†talking and yet they do not realize that their¬†words reveal they are standing deeply in the ‘less than’. It shows you where the undercurrent lies within their concepts and ideas. It shows you where their fears are about the state of affairs, about what they believe their world is truly like.

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The Answer is Within Your Reach

You are not happychanges_ahead, you want changes in your world, you have known what it is going to take to make yourself happy yet you do everything but the one thing that is going to change your life. Why do you think that is? Continue reading

Your Emotional Stories are Sabotaging You

Breaking-self-limiting-beliefsWhen you begin to see that your emotional stories have a direct correlation to how you respond to everyday scenarios, and how they actually sabotage your daily life, you will then understand why it is so important to get your emotional pain out of those compartments.

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only one person knows you the best…

So, how are you doing with your positive thoughts? When you refuse to deal with the real life issues that are going on in your life you might discover that “positive thoughts” alone don’t change anything. Yes, one of the main reasons that you always feel that no one can hear you, or understand you, is because even though you use terms of peace and harmony, you smile and try and help all around on the outside… you’re cringing inside.

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Be willing to open your heart once again to love

Once I began to realize that I made the hole that my heart fell into; that pain so deep I could not breathe was of my own making, I had to take a deep breath and feel the hurt. I had to be willing to talk about that hurt. I had to be willing to open my heart once again to love. To a love that was just for me. Did I fall down? Yes, I did several times. Yet, I never gave up on myself again. I did get mad at myself for falling down. Continue reading