Stand Up for Your New Walk

stand-upWhen you are learning to stand up for the new walk that you are taking what do you do when you find that those around you are now using your vulnerability as you learn to share the deeper parts of who you are?

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When I changed my heart about how I felt about me

LOVINGMEHave you found that there are days that when you are doing your evaluation of the things that are bugging you that you want to pout and say, “Why me?” Well I do remember asking myself that very thing. I would be going over the things that I needed to change about how I was responding to my world, the interaction with my husband and children, and like all of us I was trying very hard not to blame him or the children for what was making me mad at the time.

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How do you stand up for yourself?

stand up for yourselfI have had a lot of conversations about when you are learning to be in the Universal truth, and how do you stand up for yourself and not fall victim to your emotions and learned behaviors? These are outstanding questions and ones that each and everyone of us that lives on this planet really must learn and understand. It also brings up the question of compromise. How here it means one gets less than the other.

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Begin to tell yourself the true feelings and thoughts that you are having

be-yourself-in-businessI would like to talk about how you lie to yourself and how that is the very thing that sabotages any and all of the new steps that you are taking to make a new and better life for yourself.

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Your Emotional Stories are Sabotaging You

Breaking-self-limiting-beliefsWhen you begin to see that your emotional stories have a direct correlation to how you respond to everyday scenarios, and how they actually sabotage your daily life, you will then understand why it is so important to get your emotional pain out of those compartments.

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What is TRUE Love?

UniversalLoveWhat is true love… do you know? I am asking about true love. Not the love that you are calling love when you meet someone and tell yourself you just cannot live without them. That you call them continually and demand that because they are your true love they should do this for you or they should feel this way because you do.

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Joy is not possible with doubt lurking in our minds.

I have also found that my doubts about my ability stand the very most between me and my glorious joy. It stands in the way of my most wonderful creations. It is doubt, yes!

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Does ‘positive thinking’ really change our life?

When I began to understand the idea that emotion was an energy, like the energy that moves the earth on its axis, I was blown away by how we can hurt ourselves and not even know it. Once I got over that and got up off the floor I began to see that I could learn to harness and use that same energy to change my world. Yes, I said , ” I could change my world.” I have done that very thing. How did I do this? The first thing you have to do is… Continue reading