Do your choices align with your value?

Values-BalanceWhen you are working on self-value and worth have you really taken the time to see just how much value and worth you truly believe you have and are worth? It is far easier for us to say the words, but your action steps say a far different thing.

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Passion and Truth

passionandtruthI was talking to a close friend yesterday and she asked me how I kept the passion that I feel for my life and the Universal Truth. I get such great joy, spending time with those who, as I do, look for the kind of life that brings them peace, joy and tranquility in their every day moments.

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Peace in Chaos

As I am changing the format of my radio show, Self Is Necessary, I shall also open up here and talk more from the expression of the whole Universe and the Truths that are not believed here on our wonderful planet. It is a shame how much information of the truth is here but, is not open and shared with anyone that simply desires to learn.

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To Stand in the truth for Self

As I look back at my life that has passed, I can say that the hardest thing for me was to just stand in what I truly was and am.

I always felt like I should try and fit in. I am a very social kind of person and so to be with people is what I have gravitated to. Yet, I always felt apart from them all. I did not see the need for intrigue that seems to follow people around when they simply do not tell the truth about themselves. Yet I found myself embroiled in it every time I turned around. Continue reading

I found the mind chatter

So, I found that to have chatter going on in my mind was always getting in the way. I could not keep my quiet thoughts, the ones that brought me peace, to stay… to comfort me. So I was always feeling scared, full of unrest, worrying about things that I could not change. It made me irritable and crabby and of course I could not take the blame, so as most, I would be mad and unhappy with the wrong people .

How could I find peace and tranquility within my world when I was looking outside my inner world for an answer?

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Find your truth then change your stories

So how do we come to grips with the fact that if we have not been telling the truth about our stories then our lives have been built on an untruth? How do we straighten out our lives?

This is a question I have spent much time on. By the time most people come to this question in their lives all holy heck is breaking loose in it. So what do we do?

I would begin with first by asking you to try understanding and feeling truly who and why you are you.

I always suggest to my students and clients that first and foremost you must come to know SELF.

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beginning to understand mind chatter effects…

As I was beginning to see that all that chatter that was going on while I was trying to learn to meditate was getting in my way and frustrating me, it came to me that maybe that mind chatter was also getting in my way of  peace and harmony.

As I began to journal and keep track of just what moods I would have due to what kind of mind chatter was going on, I began to see a correlation between the tone of the chatter and my moods. Continue reading

Chaos and Tranquility can they coexist?

This is an idea that for many years I have been studying. It has been a goal of mine to walk in true peace through all events in my life. I have had my ups and downs in this process.

I can now say that it is very possible to have tranquility within your being no matter what is happening in your outside world. The trick is….. Continue reading

Do we have to let it bother us?

I think a good question to ask ourselves with every scenario that we live through is, “Do we have to let this bother us?” Now there are times when I say to myself ‘yes’, even though I know that is plain silly. Yet I want to stamp my foot and say ‘hey! what about my feelings..’ Continue reading