Getting to know your thoughts

thoughtsDo you spend time getting to know your thoughts? One of the tools that I use with students and clients is that they should take a look at their random thoughts and just follow one thread and see where it takes them. Now you would think that would be a simple enough act, but do you know that most people cannot take more than 30 seconds on any thought?

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Are Your Thoughts Supporting the New You?

coneflower_framedWhen you are looking at the things in your life that you want to make a change to, begin by asking yourself when you first walked away from your dreams. Each of you have a place where you had dreams of what you knew you wanted to experience while you were here. You must begin by asking yourself what, in your deepest part of your heart, did you know was going to be the one factor that would get in your way.

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Secret to being happy all the time.

Do we want to be happy all the time? I guess that would be the first question I would ask myself. What does it mean to be happy? I cannot go any farther until I know this answer. I, of course, have asked this question of myself many times. Mostly when I have had the most challenges. Because I have come to an understanding that what I am feeling today is what I do experience tomorrow. Continue reading


What is today?

To me today is a new moment in time to discover something new about this world that we live in.

I get new insights about myself and how I interject into this physical place around me. I have become fascinated with how if I just pose a question and then start writing, before I know it I have such wonderful insights about myself and those around me.

It happens so quietly and so quickly.

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Walking with the old Self

As you begin to hear whom you are, you can begin to feel the reason that you are experiencing the things you are in the physical sense.

As I have spoken before, there is a time that you will have to mourn for your inner self. We then must begin to look at the following – do we have the courage to begin standing in peace and love for our selves? Continue reading