Your Quest… Should You Choose to Accept It

quixotic.tilt-at-the-windmills_0Let’s look at a question that will lead you to the discovery of the internal you. Why are you on this quest? When I ask the question and use the term ‘quest’ it is not to have you walk into a fantasy world like Dungeon and Dragon’s, it is for you to begin to look at the truth that this walk to Universal Truth is not just to fix your hurt emotions that you have been storing up since you can remember.

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Finding a Personal Guardian

Mom Having Heart to Heart Talk with Embarrassed DaughterAt first we do have to find that guardian that we can trust. I find this is the hardest thing for my new clients and students. First it is feeling the relaxation to share with someone those inner-most feelings and that those inner-most stories that we share about our humiliations and hurts creates a bond or a vibrational hold on the two people involved in the original story as well as the person that you begin to share it with.

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Our ‘truth’ or Universal Truth

truthvstraditionWhen a person is saying to ‘go internal and find the truth’, do we know if that is our truth or the Universal truth? How do we know when we are standing in Universal Truth vs our truths.

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Quick to Deflect

deflectionWhy have we become so quick to deflect from any emotional or bad feelings when interacting with people? When you walk in the Universal Truth, you have come to an understanding where you realize the following – you make a choice, you have a physical experience, and then you analyze the physical experience to see if you would repeat any of the sequence steps that led you to have the physical experience.

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To Be Ok with the choice not to “Change”

In my last post I was speaking about being angry and frustrated about not making the choice of changing your scenario. I have spent much time with my clients about this very thing.

We must accept the idea that we get to make the choice not to change. We should spend a lot of time on the reasons we are using to keep us in the place that makes us so angry.  We need to understand that we get to make the choice to stay where ever we are. We must also remember that we then can not blame the others in the scenario over the choice that we will not change. Continue reading