Feeling is always on the scale of Joy

Today I want to continue discussing the value of sitting in a feeling. When a person is sitting in their feelings as they address their life it is not about crying or being sad… that is not a feeling, that is an emotion. As the word expresses, by emoting you are to express this in a way that allows you to learn why you were unhappy with your choice and why you will either continue the same choice or make another.

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Secret to being happy all the time.

Do we want to be happy all the time? I guess that would be the first question I would ask myself. What does it mean to be happy? I cannot go any farther until I know this answer. I, of course, have asked this question of myself many times. Mostly when I have had the most challenges. Because I have come to an understanding that what I am feeling today is what I do experience tomorrow. Continue reading