Only allow your glorious heart to rule you

glorious heart to ruleAs you walk through your day, are you aware of the questions that you have about the why’s in which your life is going? It has become apparent to me that people in general only take quiet time to begin to look at their lives, they do not become focused enough to see that while they are having conversations, or driving in the car, or waiting for an appointment, that they have the alone time with their thoughts.

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Why do we need to find ourselves?

This is a very interesting subject. I would like to think that each and every one of us wishes to always make a change in our lives for the better. The ability to push our own boundaries¬†is probably the most difficult, as it comes with the contrast of someone or something we don’t desire so we can see if we come to the complete change that we desire. Continue reading

Stories: anger-vs-happiness

As I have worked with clients at Life Learning Center of Self I have begun using the term ‘Stories’. My interpretation of this word is our life experiences. As I work with a client we come to a space where an understanding comes that to make choices has always been our right.

Yet not all of us have found a way of being conscious of when we choose something in our lives. As we get to know one another it allows for the discussions on, ” How to recognize even as a small child our choices” for ourselves. Continue reading

Finding my Passion for myself.


This subject is so fascinating for me. I found in the dictionary 12 definitions of passion. Yet they did not seem to touch on the quest of Passion for self. I think it is the kind of passion that you read in story books. The quest that damn near kills you before you get to the end.

Do you have to have a near death experience to come to an understanding to look for passion? I do not think I have had a near death experience. So, does that leave me out of the running to find how to create for myself in the very center of myself,  the core of me, through passion??? Continue reading