Taking Physical Steps Toward Happiness

Taking Physical Steps to Change Your LifeHow do you, as a new student in communicating with one’s self and learning to really hear and begin to make changes, begin the communications with the children in your lives that we have now acting out because of you not taking the physical steps that were necessary to create the happiness in your heart.

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What is an undercurrent and can we really get rid of them?

As I work with clients I am going back and trying to learn words that will help dislodge the undercurrents that seem to get in the way of a true student that desires real changes in their lives. It is not as easy as one would think. I have watched wonderful, kind people struggle with changing an idea or an opinion that has kept them hostage in an old way of life.

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Why Resist the truth?

Why would we not want to tell ourselves the truth? I think we would all most emphatically  say, “Of course we want the truth!” Yet I have seen time and time again, when given a choice in the beginning of the introduction of self accountability and responsibility, we choose to believe in the lie; the story that we have told ourselves about our life. Wow! This blew me away when I first started teaching!

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To Begin to change!!!”Really”

Now we have to start looking at what a true feeling is. That will put us in a state of total UN-knowing. This is a place where many people do not give themselves the time to re-establish with themselves a true relationship with self. Continue reading