Learn to Acknowledge and Allow the New to Come into Your Life

skyplanetsAs you wake in the morning do you take the time to just stretch and go into your internal self? To take stock with sweet joy of all the things that your heart has been feeling, the creations that you have been thinking about? Take the time as you begin your day to accept the lessons that you have been asking your questions on. Accept the creations, learn to acknowledge and allow the new to come into your life.

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What are you telling yourself?

the-worst-lies-are-the-ones-you-tell-yourself1I have spent the last couple of weeks talking about the difference between talking and communicating; sharing many facets of how you talk to fill space in the air around you vs really having a communication with others which in turn is the process of allowing yourselves to hear the thoughts that are going on within your own minds.

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Why are you here?

body-mind-soul-spirit--personal-growth-or-developmentThe most freeing information I received while I was contemplating was that there is one reason and one reason only we come here on this wonderful planet. When I could understand this information, it gave me such peace of mind. Since then I have been working on the stories that are contrast to this one piece of information.

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Make a Choice and Watch for Feedback

When you know what is the very best thing for you to do, yet you feel guilty for living your life the way that is the very best, what do you do? I know this is speaking to you. It is a place where each of has to get.

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Instant gratification is not the art of appreciation…

What was and/or is the reason that we decided to accept instant gratification? I have been pondering this idea. This is hard for me to imagine why we would want instant gratification. Maybe that is because with all the time I have taken to contemplate what my choices and action steps are going to mean to me, I have learned the art of appreciation for the final outcome of any creation that I have happen in my life. Continue reading

Sometimes the smallest thing makes the greatest difference!

How many times have we had the opportunity to take a baby step, but in our mind we could not see us changing our life structure to accept that baby step. That is the one place that keeps us experiencing over and over again, the life we do not want any longer.

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