Stand Up in Truth

One of the things I am noticing about giving opinions is the problem that arises when you are not standing in the truth. I hear so many people who believe that learning to stand up for themselves means being able to say anything that bugs them about anything… and they claim that is the truth and their right of passage.

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Be accountable, choose deliberately

When I work with you one of the first things that seems to come up is the understanding of not to blame anyone or anything for where you are sitting. This is probably the first thing that we should tackle. I say this because it is the first and foremost issue that will get in your way to taking back your own power.

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To Stand in the truth for Self

As I look back at my life that has passed, I can say that the hardest thing for me was to just stand in what I truly was and am.

I always felt like I should try and fit in. I am a very social kind of person and so to be with people is what I have gravitated to. Yet, I always felt apart from them all. I did not see the need for intrigue that seems to follow people around when they simply do not tell the truth about themselves. Yet I found myself embroiled in it every time I turned around. Continue reading