Change & Choice

Decisions sign in the skyLet’s talk about being a spiritual being and having people in your life who do not want to take responsibility for the life choices they are making. How do you BE… as a person wanting to know the truth, to walk the path of true peace and harmony, walking here as the God-being you are?

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Peace makers: Nice (part three)

So, in the last post we talked about the fact that you were there and you sent out the energies to be there. Your thought role was to be nice. So what does that mean to you today after what we have been talking about? Did you sit back and do nothing as the drama was unfolding? If so, were you being nice to yourself? Yes, that is exactly what I said, were you being nice to yourself?

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the dangers of instant gratification

When one starts to feel the kind of satisfaction and happiness that sustains itself without having outside scenarios be the reason for your happiness, you are no longer waiting for instant gratification. Now you are beginning to understand what it means to stand in the Universal truth. It is there for all of us to have .

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Dreams – do we use them to their fullest intent

When I first started many, many years ago now, I started working with dreams and I interpreted them for people.

There are Universal symbols and those that Doctors and psychologists use and I am not going to get into that sort of thing. What I am going to get into is that you should begin your own dictionary of symbols. Why? Well, because there are so many interpretations out there. Continue reading

Walking into Our future.

I am sure that anyone that has walked the path of learning about yourself in their spiritual path knows that as we face the changes we must make we can be overwhelmed. Asking ourselves, “How can I do this??! I so want my life to change but can I go ahead just for myself?” Continue reading

Do we have knowings?

What allows some to have information about this earth plane and others not? What makes some of us stand so strong in believing in a spiritual world; Other than what a religious foundation is willing to express for every one. Just mystical beings that never seem to be alive while we are?

How do we get in touch with that mystical being that I know resides in each and every one of ourselves. I have no doubt that all of us on this earth has an ear for our internal truths. Why do some of us hear it so easily while others struggle over such mundane experiences? Continue reading