Are you seeing the importance of filling your need first?

takecareofselfHere is a question that each of you need to ask of yourself when you come to a place where you are seeing changes to a small degree. Are you seeing the importance of filling your need first?

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Stop Defending Your Choices

crossroadWhat makes it so hard for you to make a different choice? One of the things I see most is people saying they really desire change, yet they do not want to change the choices they are making.

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“Do I know my story has changed?”

What happens in our lives that let’s us know that by changing our stories we are now on the right track? The answer is so different for each and every one of us. This is why when we go outside of ourselves for validation we are getting advice that does not quite fit our story.

I have found that our life itself tells us exactly where we are standing when we begin to change our stories.

What I mean by this is we are each different, even if slightly. We are because each one of us feels differently about all things.  We may agree with one another but that does not mean we agree fully. That means we are all in different degrees of understanding. Continue reading