How you stand in your spirit within this physical expression

shinebright1In class last night we spoke about how we walk and talk in spirit and forfeit are inner self when we look like we are making decisions that may not be popular with those around us, yet we know that it is the very best for everyone that is involved. How often do you find yourself knowing that something is totally right for you yet you do not follow through with it because of how you think others are going to feel about your choice?

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You Have a Divine Guidance System. Are You Using It?

followyoursoulYour knowings have always been in your life. They are simply here for you to prepare yourself for the awakening of your divine spirit to walk with you openly here in this wonderful expression on the place called Earth. You have been asking for a clear and concise way to walk here in a day to day expression without worry, fear, or stress. You have been asking to have love in your life .

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How to change yourself and your life

How to change yourself and your lifeOnce you begin to see the value of looking at your emotions and learning to use them to eliminate the prejudices that you have about  the choices you are making, then you can truly begin to take charge and start to make choices that have your heart feel ease… not the dis ease that you have learned to cope with.

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what do we ask for when we need change?

What do we ask for when we need change? I think this is probably one of the most common questions we ask. We already know what we need! We need to ask ourselves why are we afraid to take the first small step so we can allow the change in our lives. Continue reading

How would you change your Life??????

How would you change your life? Are you willing to look at your life and really let go of the story that has made you sad? Are you ready to take just one small step and see where it has brought you? Not look ahead where it could take you, but simply where you are after just one small step. This is the very way to change your life right this very moment. Do you have the courage to do this simple task? Continue reading

Working with Our feelings

You would think, because we all have feelings, that we would all know how to work with them and not against them.

That is not what I have found out up to this date. I have found that most people can not recognize their feelings when I ask them the question, “What do you feel about this or that?”

It is the most basic thing that we have, yet so many people are not in touch with the most basic piece of themselves. Continue reading