Another process of you taking charge of your life

master-your-mindRecently one of my students was sharing that they were not having the greatest success because they were still not being prepared for a scenario that would happen. As I listened to them I asked a simple question, “Where do you start the evaluation process before a life experience begins?” That question led us to spend most of the evening talking about the importance of understanding and using the evaluation process… and to learn the wonder of sharing. I am not talking about the surface things you do like going to the grocery store. I am talking about those passing thoughts that come to you, whether it is a thought that brings pain to your heart, like when you’ve had a thought someone you loved is going home to the 5th dimension, or that there is a big change coming in your life.

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Stop Pretending

How-About-We-Stop-Pretending-Inspirational-Life-QuotesWhat does sharing do for your spiritual walk? Are you willing to begin opening up your heart to the stories that you have told about your life? The very first thing that you must begin doing is simply share your story. So many people that I talk with have so isolated themselves in their very own life. Yes, that is correct. They have friends and family, they work, they even laugh and seem to be happy with their lives. Yet it is that kind of person that comes to me and they are so terribly sad with everything that is going on.

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Why Share Thoughts and Feelings?

writingindiaryWell last evening while class was in session we spent a lot of time talking about how successful you feel when you begin to truly share your thoughts and feelings. Some of the students shared their experiences and choices they made when they thought that their need was not going to manifest for them and how when that happened they shut down.

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Getting to the root

rootsAs you are looking at a part of your experience make sure that you always connect it to one of the tools that I have been sharing with you. Such as… asking yourself did you respond because of what was said or done or did you react because of a learned behaviour or maybe it was because that little child within you flared up and reacted before you could truly look at what was actually happening?

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Setting the tone for your day

As you wake in the morning take the time to just snuggle for a bit. Allow yourself this time to connect yourself back to theĀ internalĀ source of your divine essence. Allow the joy to seep into your thoughts, allow this feeling of just allowing the source of love to flow through you. Oh yes you can. For a brief moment you allow yourself the knowing that nothing is harming you at that very moment that you are just languishing in your bed.

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New exuberance, is it killing those around us?

I would like to talk about this today. I am a person who is in great joy when new understandings of myself surface. I love it when I meet new people of the same mind-set. When I have an opportunity to share the internal joy of growing and sharing. Sometimes, as a dear friend has reminded me, those who I am playing with may not have the ability to tell me the truth of how my exuberance is putting pressures on them that they cannot stand up to. Continue reading