The Sequence of Steps to Creation

one_step_at_a_time_poster-In my last post I began to explain about Knowings. I would like to continue in this blog with more information about knowings and how we can begin to take charge and know for certain we are the one’s in charge of the changes.

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Is it True Happiness or just a Void?

test_tubesThe greatest struggle that we each have in the beginning of wanting to have happiness and change, is that we want to accomplish this within the scenario we are now playing in. Well, I might as well break that bubble right now. Why? Because in any scientific study or test, the scientists know, if you want a change in your experiment you must put different particles or vibrations into the mix to get a different outcome.

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Finding a Personal Guardian

Mom Having Heart to Heart Talk with Embarrassed DaughterAt first we do have to find that guardian that we can trust. I find this is the hardest thing for my new clients and students. First it is feeling the relaxation to share with someone those inner-most feelings and that those inner-most stories that we share about our humiliations and hurts creates a bond or a vibrational hold on the two people involved in the original story as well as the person that you begin to share it with.

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Stand in the Integrity of Your Self

integrity_compassWhat does it mean to stand in the integrity of your self and the Universal Truth? This question can be answered in so many different ways… almost as many ways as there are people on this planet. In fact, that is the very essence of this wonderful lesson. There is an individual walk for each and everyone of us.

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It’s not the PATH, it’s the SEQUENCE of steps

path-large-stone-walkway-lgWhen one begins the walk of learning totally about the concept of SELF, where do you go? Does one become totally self absorbed to the exclusion of anyone else in your world? Does ‘Self is Necessary’ mean that you have to do all things by yourself?

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Quick to Deflect

deflectionWhy have we become so quick to deflect from any emotional or bad feelings when interacting with people? When you walk in the Universal Truth, you have come to an understanding where you realize the following – you make a choice, you have a physical experience, and then you analyze the physical experience to see if you would repeat any of the sequence steps that led you to have the physical experience.

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Peace in Chaos

As I am changing the format of my radio show, Self Is Necessary, I shall also open up here and talk more from the expression of the whole Universe and the Truths that are not believed here on our wonderful planet. It is a shame how much information of the truth is here but, is not open and shared with anyone that simply desires to learn.

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Pay Attention To Your Energy

I have been working with some small gatherings and a lot of the questions that arise are really about how to have faith in yourself. How do you know which voice is the right voice to listen to? People worry about listening to the ‘wrong’ voice.

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It begins with a state of mind

How do we take charge of our lives and see the mind chatter for what it is?

For me it was when my life seemed to be falling apart and yet, I could see that there should be no reason for it. When my internal peace did not match what I was seeing with my physical eyes.

As I began to read and study about the metaphysical world I could see that you could have and should have beauty and peace in your every day world. I was seeing that it began with my state of mind. I repeat, it begins with a state of mind!

That is how we begin to digest, and feel. It is also where we get lost into the emotion of things and never get past that part in our lives. I have found that there is a sequence, a mathematical equation that is followed to have harmony and peace. Yet, we never follow the sequence through to the end to see if we like what we have started. We were never taught that there has to be a conclusion of our lesson. Without that we do not know where to make the next choice. Now I am sure you are asking what does this have to do with mind chatter? Continue reading