The Universe is a huge mathematical match finder

UniverseMatchI am, like so many others are, on several social media sites. So what I would like to talk about today is social bullying and how often you are supporting the quiet killer of all internal Honor of Self. Yes, that is right, you did read right. How often do those wonderful causes have those last few words that say ,”But, I bet 99% of you will not re post this”? Yes, there it is… bullying.

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What you’re living is what you asked for. Happy yet?

Take-Responsibility-for-your-lifeWhat is your need to be heard? To the exclusion of listening to the very contrast that you are begging to hear? When you are in a state of unrest and your mind just does not let you have peace, why do you run away from the words that would set you free? I have watched many and they come in such unrest and their stories and words just make them go around and around in circles. I can see how much confusion they are in.

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the next step from instant Gratification….

When I was stuck in thoughts like, “If I could only have it now”, I found my life very frustrating. I was full of anger and was always upset with the people who shared my life with me. It did not matter if it was at work or at home, family or friends. I just felt all around frustration. I would go to the self-help book section and although I was always reading them, they always left me without the key to unlock the mystery of how to be happy with who I was and with those that I had chosen to share my life.

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The secret to who you are.

As I began to study in the ‘new age’ section of the book store, I was amazed at all these inspirational books that were out there. I would read through them with a hunger for new knowledge. After each book I read I would be so disappointed. They were all saying the same thing. Yet not one of them told me how to find the secret. Continue reading

Once we find out what to do!

I was so excited as I began to see that I could re-write a story in my life. So what does this mean to me? This means that I go to the core of who I am. Then I look at what I have said about the things that have happened to me. I take a very personal attitude about this. We can claim…… Continue reading