When Stories Get Triggered

surpriseHow do you ask a question of someone else when the subject is very near and dear to you? I am talking about those questions that affect how your little girl or boy get triggered and want to make you scream and yell and even at times cry. Well I hope you know me well enough by now that of course I am going to go into the spiritual side of this question.

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Our ‘truth’ or Universal Truth

truthvstraditionWhen a person is saying to ‘go internal and find the truth’, do we know if that is our truth or the Universal truth? How do we know when we are standing in Universal Truth vs our truths.

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1,2,3 Choose… YOU!

Why do we have conflict with our choices about how we are going to live our lives? If you are in any way feeling unhappy about anything in your life at all you are in conflict with your choices. That is the problem right there.

You do not recognize that by not seeing that each and every choice you make compounds the choices that you made prior to the choice in this now. We so want to deflect from our hearts the emotions that make us sad, so we have a tendency to jump over those emotions and try to bury them deep down inside. Continue reading

Start dealing with your emotions in the light

On my BlogTalk radio show Self Is Necessary, I was talking about standing in half-truths when making choices for someone else. As I was speaking I realized how it takes a discipline with great resolve for change to maintain making choices just for yourself. You have been making choices for you but really giving priority to what will be easiest for those in your life. In this way you have been making others more important. And you’ve been doing it this way for so long that it is now just a normal thought process.

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How would you change your Life??????

How would you change your life? Are you willing to look at your life and really let go of the story that has made you sad? Are you ready to take just one small step and see where it has brought you? Not look ahead where it could take you, but simply where you are after just one small step. This is the very way to change your life right this very moment. Do you have the courage to do this simple task? Continue reading

Once we find out what to do!

I was so excited as I began to see that I could re-write a story in my life. So what does this mean to me? This means that I go to the core of who I am. Then I look at what I have said about the things that have happened to me. I take a very personal attitude about this. We can claim…… Continue reading

Taking Time Out of Our Daily Lives

Once we have come  to a place where we are no longer sustaining  happiness in our every day lives, we must stop and take stock of where our thoughts and feelings are. It is right here where we should begin if and only if we need real change in our lives.

It is not easy to change in a single day. Thoughts and feelings that we have continued to keep, whether we wish to admit to ourselves that they are holding us back or not, have become our dearest friends. Continue reading