Does your undercurrent leave you falling short?

undercurrentLast night my class and I spent most of the time discussing and learning how to recognize those underlying currents that surface just when you want your creations to come to you and how you will know, by the fact that no matter how hard you try to have a creation come in you are only receiving maybe up to 75%. Has that happened to you? What do you say to yourself when that happens? Can you sit and write down right now how many times that has happened to you?

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Begin to tell yourself the true feelings and thoughts that you are having

be-yourself-in-businessI would like to talk about how you lie to yourself and how that is the very thing that sabotages any and all of the new steps that you are taking to make a new and better life for yourself.

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The Process for Success

how-math-works-5I have been working in one of my classes and so I would like to share with you some of the questions that seem to predominate in this class.The one thing that is worked on in each class is how to evaluate the experiences you are having so that you can begin to know yourself without hesitation. What I heard was that people need to understand that the process for success, time and time again, is to remember that to be ahead of your life and be in charge you remember to evaluate the invitation, or life experience, in the truth.

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Finding my Passion for myself.


This subject is so fascinating for me. I found in the dictionary 12 definitions of passion. Yet they did not seem to touch on the quest of Passion for self. I think it is the kind of passion that you read in story books. The quest that damn near kills you before you get to the end.

Do you have to have a near death experience to come to an understanding to look for passion? I do not think I have had a near death experience. So, does that leave me out of the running to find how to create for myself in the very center of myself,  the core of me, through passion??? Continue reading