Take accountability and responsibility for each thought

responsible for actionsOkay, a question that has probably crossed your mind is… “If I am not supposed to live in my past stories, because by doing so I am carrying that energy into my future and my day to day life experience, how do I then look at my stories and not get stuck creating the same old energy over and over again?”

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Your excitement should always be there in wanting to know what answers will come from you

quote-it-is-always-with-excitement-that-i-wake-up-in-the-morning-wondering-what-my-intuition-jonas-salk-53-80-13I would like to talk about learned behaviors. These are behaviors that you learned that were meant to serve as a temporary safety net but you lost sight of that. So now we need to talk about how easily you can deflect yourself from finding out the learned behaviors that are now keeping you from standing in your responsibilities and the accountabilities of making the changes to your thoughts and feelings and learning how to use your emotions as the very tool that will change your life.

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You Have the Power to Change Your Life

power-to-change-gws2When we communicate with one another why do we take the information that was shared with us as bad or sad or happy or glad or all those words that we can use? When I am working with someone I can tell just by how they are sharing their life stories with me if they are taking the responsibility and accountability that comes with being in charge of their lives.

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Feel it, Experience it!

deliberate-creation1When you are beginning to learn that what you are feeling is what you are experiencing, you will want to learn the art of communicating your real needs so that they are the things that you are experiencing full time in your world. It is the most awesome experience when you come to the place in your world where you can see for yourself that what you are feeling from the core of your heart is the very expression you are having in your physical world.

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Feeling the lightness of your heart

rays-of-light-gI have just began to talk about our communications with ourselves and matter. I shall like to explain a little about how your internal communications in truth with yourself is what makes the weight that you feel in your heart as you walk in your everyday life .

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Express to yourself what your needs are

accept responsibilityI am spending a lot of time on the concepts talking to one’s self vs the true form of communications with one’s self. I know you use words that formulate into sentences and you then use these sentences as a form of talking with those around you. Do you get frustrated when those around you either did not hear your talking or they did not understand what you were expressing to them, which then ended up having a misunderstanding between you and them?

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Re-creating Yourself

Life-is-about-creating-yourself-150x150What do choices, stories, truth, love, and life have to do with really changing the course of our own history? These are questions that are asked of me when I have someone new come and begin to work with me about changing their lives.

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Have Compassion for Self

We must decide when we shall have compassion for self.

Compassion is having empathy and understanding for the sufferings of others. I would prefer that we begin to have compassion for ourselves first. We must look at the choices and action steps that we have taken that have brought us to our current state of unhappiness.

We must use that compassion for us first, take the time… and not in the ‘oh woe is me’ energy… but with true love for self that you had the right to make those choices that gave you the experiences that you have had. This is the very place everyone desires to stop soul searching. Yet it is here, when we decide to accept the accountability and responsibility for every and all things that we have experienced, that our lives would change dramatically. Continue reading

Setting the tone for your day

As you wake in the morning take the time to just snuggle for a bit. Allow yourself this time to connect yourself back to the internal source of your divine essence. Allow the joy to seep into your thoughts, allow this feeling of just allowing the source of love to flow through you. Oh yes you can. For a brief moment you allow yourself the knowing that nothing is harming you at that very moment that you are just languishing in your bed.

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