Stop Pretending

How-About-We-Stop-Pretending-Inspirational-Life-QuotesWhat does sharing do for your spiritual walk? Are you willing to begin opening up your heart to the stories that you have told about your life? The very first thing that you must begin doing is simply share your story. So many people that I talk with have so isolated themselves in their very own life. Yes, that is correct. They have friends and family, they work, they even laugh and seem to be happy with their lives. Yet it is that kind of person that comes to me and they are so terribly sad with everything that is going on.

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Experience – the platform that holds the lesson

Experience-White-cherry-flowers-on-sunny-backgroundHave you ever felt like you are not listened to or not heard? Have you been in old relationships and then started new ones and they were wonderful and exciting and then you find yourself feeling the same way? Or perhaps you have a fear of creating the very same kind of relationship of not being heard or appreciated? Are you working on a long standing relationship and find yourself back to square one?

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Change & Choice

Decisions sign in the skyLet’s talk about being a spiritual being and having people in your life who do not want to take responsibility for the life choices they are making. How do you BE… as a person wanting to know the truth, to walk the path of true peace and harmony, walking here as the God-being you are?

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Love for yourself

How do you be true to yourself when you are in a new / old relationship? This is a question that some of my students have been asking me of late. How many of you are really the “Runaway Bride”? Or Groom?

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Parameters in your relationship

the relationship agreementSo, you are in a relationship, and you’re sharing a family, a home, and all the bills and money issues that go along with that kind of a relationship. In this relationship do you feel your happiness? Do you feel that the world is your oyster? The things that you dream about – are they all becoming a reality or are they getting pushed farther and farther back into that very messy closet where all those things you want to do some day but have not gotten to it as of yet are located?

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How deep does History go in our souls?

When we look at the word ‘history’, what comes to mind? Do we look at history in just our lifetime? Do we look at history as a soul journey that goes on in an infinite concept with its inception with the first thought appeared to create matter? Because, depending on our concept about history, it will make a difference in how we asked this question of ourselves. Continue reading