The only way you can feel your value

Abe-on valueSo you are beginning to walk in this new understanding that you are and have always been totally and completely in charge by the choices that you make for your life. Have you let that course through your veins? Have you taken the time, given yourself the opportunity to let that feeling of being the one and only person to make your choices only for you?

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You… Me… Us

You Me UsLet me explain what I mean by the phrase ‘Self Is Necessary’. A while back I was sharing, with a friend, my dislike for going out and doing things by myself. My friend seemed somewhat shocked. It turns out this friend misunderstood my program and courses on Self is Necessary, as I heard them say that I should be able to do everything by myself, being as I am the Queen of ‘Self is Necessary’.

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Parameters in your relationship

the relationship agreementSo, you are in a relationship, and you’re sharing a family, a home, and all the bills and money issues that go along with that kind of a relationship. In this relationship do you feel your happiness? Do you feel that the world is your oyster? The things that you dream about – are they all becoming a reality or are they getting pushed farther and farther back into that very messy closet where all those things you want to do some day but have not gotten to it as of yet are located?

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Had a bad break up? Let’s evaluate

I was recently talking on my radio show, Self is Necessary, about relationships and why so many people seem to want their Ex back. During that program I was discussing the energies behind why people come together. There are many things that need to be broken down for easier understanding and so I shall spend some time in the next few blog posts doing just that. Hopefully I can share the information in a way that will be understood and accepted by you.

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You can only cheat on yourself

Cheating on one’s self. Let me see. This has been a long time coming. I have spent much time contemplating what this means. I have come to the conclusion that we cannot cheat on each other in our relationships. We can only cheat on ourselves. Why did I come to this conclusion? Well, this is why.

When we stand in truth with ourselves we would not be making most of the choices we are for the reason’s we tell everyone we are. In other words, when we decide to get involved with another man or woman do we do it as a whole and complete person or are we looking for someone that will complete us? That’s the message many of us have received yet that idea, the idea that we need someone to ‘complete’ us and the actions taken in that vein set us up royally . Continue reading

“I am the only one that can affect my movement forward”

Until I learned that the only thing getting in the way of my true understanding, and the ease of this walk, was me…  my life was really hard to live with. No pun intended. I felt the heavy, heavy burden of carrying the weight of my job, my family and the relationship between my husband and I. Then, I really got a grasp on what my feelings were doing to how I was experiencing my life. Continue reading

Getting past the other persons crap……

I think another of the hard things about communicating is when one person is communicating and the other person is slinging stuff to get out of talking altogether. This is where choices on our part have to come in. We must start asking ourselves, how important is this person in our lives?

I know this can start to sound harsh. Yet if this person does not want to really communicate and refuses to have any part in changing their form of talking to you, you must look at why you are in the relationship.

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“Do I know my story has changed?”

What happens in our lives that let’s us know that by changing our stories we are now on the right track? The answer is so different for each and every one of us. This is why when we go outside of ourselves for validation we are getting advice that does not quite fit our story.

I have found that our life itself tells us exactly where we are standing when we begin to change our stories.

What I mean by this is we are each different, even if slightly. We are because each one of us feels differently about all things.  We may agree with one another but that does not mean we agree fully. That means we are all in different degrees of understanding. Continue reading