Are you deflecting the very information that can change your life?

deflectAs class was continuing last night one of the things that we were working more on was how to recognize when each of you begin to deflect from the very information that you have been thinking about. What do I mean by that? Why would anyone walk away from the information that can change their life? Yet, you are doing so each and every day. You are walking away from opportunities that could change the very way you breathe.

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For so long you have been following someone else’s heart…

girl-chasing-heartWhen you begin to follow your heart it can be very confusing because for so long you have been following someone else’s. Yes, you have… you have been following either someone who really does love you but because they gave up their hearts at an early age, have directed you to their very best or you are following someone who is so terrified in living that they simply think that controlling everything and everyone so they feel something is the way to go.

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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

looking-for-loveI have been spending a lot of time working with people to show them that if they simply fill the needs that are in their hearts, that the feeling that they carry within themselves is the gift that they will share with others in their lives.

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Sometimes the smallest thing makes the greatest difference!

How many times have we had the opportunity to take a baby step, but in our mind we could not see us changing our life structure to accept that baby step. That is the one place that keeps us experiencing over and over again, the life we do not want any longer.

Is it fear, or being alone, or is it money, or life style? What is it that makes us throw away the baby step that would change our lives forever? Continue reading

Working with Our feelings

You would think, because we all have feelings, that we would all know how to work with them and not against them.

That is not what I have found out up to this date. I have found that most people can not recognize their feelings when I ask them the question, “What do you feel about this or that?”

It is the most basic thing that we have, yet so many people are not in touch with the most basic piece of themselves. Continue reading