Feel it, Experience it!

deliberate-creation1When you are beginning to learn that what you are feeling is what you are experiencing, you will want to learn the art of communicating your real needs so that they are the things that you are experiencing full time in your world. It is the most awesome experience when you come to the place in your world where you can see for yourself that what you are feeling from the core of your heart is the very expression you are having in your physical world.

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What is a belief-vs-a truth.

I think the first place I would like to start is that beliefs are the glue that hold our stories together and they are needed every step of the way.

The thing that should be addressed and looked at is like all things, our beliefs must change as we grow from a baby to a toddler, to an adolescent, the teens and young adults as well as we get to what people call old age. Continue reading