Recognizing Your Match

swingingIn class last night I spoke about how a vibration can and is the same in our lives even though the choices we are making can seem as though we are living different life scenarios. I could tell that was a new way of sharing with my students. We continued and I shared how a vibration is always the same. We meet people as we are either moving up or down the octave that we are in and yet some people may be moving to a higher vibration while others may be going down. Yet at the same moment we can touch someone’s life that for a few moments in Universal time can seem and feel like a perfect match to who we are. Yet keep in mind… you might have been on an upward movement and they were on a downward movement. This is where we have to know how to use both the spiritual tools and physical experiences as we begin to unravel for ourselves the choices we are about to make concerning that person or life expression that is hitting our vibration.

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Questions to ask, Choices to make

choices that liberateLast evening in class we began with the homework assignments that the individual students chose for themselves. The main theme was how do you as a god being in the beginning of your lessons know when you are making choices that will support the parameters that you are learning to set up for yourself so you know how to interact with the people in your life. Continue reading

It is time to stop and listen to each and every word you are using

words-oliverwendellholmessrWhat questions should you ask yourself when you realize that you were sharing in the truth and then that darn little boy/girl starts talking for you? How often do you see that a normal quiet conversation with a person or persons that you care for ends up dissolving into a mess that you now have to clean up? Continue reading

How you stand in your spirit within this physical expression

shinebright1In class last night we spoke about how we walk and talk in spirit and forfeit are inner self when we look like we are making decisions that may not be popular with those around us, yet we know that it is the very best for everyone that is involved. How often do you find yourself knowing that something is totally right for you yet you do not follow through with it because of how you think others are going to feel about your choice?

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Why Share Thoughts and Feelings?

writingindiaryWell last evening while class was in session we spent a lot of time talking about how successful you feel when you begin to truly share your thoughts and feelings. Some of the students shared their experiences and choices they made when they thought that their need was not going to manifest for them and how when that happened they shut down.

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The only reason you have stressors in your life

stressed-out-tiles-by-Flickr-user-Thomas-HaynieWhen you are learning to use the most valuable tool that you have, evaluating each and every thought you allow to flow through your consciousness, you will at first be nervous about the changes that might occur in your life if you use this tool. Will you still have feelings about those you  love and have in your life?

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Look at the world in the wonderment of a child’s eyes

wonderment childI was speaking about how great it is when you begin to see and are able to not be in that knee-jerk reaction as you can feel those emotions that want to make you say things or do things that makes you wonder who the heck you really are. You are now beginning to stand back from that small inner child and the learned behaviours that have you repeating those patterns in your life that frustrate you so much because they have you acting and/or reacting in ways that are truly detrimental to your well-being.

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