Questions to ask, Choices to make

choices that liberateLast evening in class we began with the homework assignments that the individual students chose for themselves. The main theme was how do you as a god being in the beginning of your lessons know when you are making choices that will support the parameters that you are learning to set up for yourself so you know how to interact with the people in your life. Continue reading

Evaluate your self- worth

self-worthYou have now been practicing the art of questioning and being your own Guardian. Yet you still are having difficulty in taking those actions steps that stand up for you. It has been so long that you have spent worrying about other peoples feelings and needs it just simply feels wrong to you to stand up for your personal needs. So this simply means you have to continue to evaluate your self- worth over those other’s needs.

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Are You Ready?

are-you-readyAs you continue to look at all the tools you can use as you evaluate before you have a physical experience, you are actually preparing ahead of time. How many times, as you are beginning to take control of your life, have you wanted to kick that spirit pillow? As you asked yourself, “Why am I always seeing later what I could have done before hand?”

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The First 3 Steps of a Sequence

12x12I have begun to talk about the first three steps of a sequence. Knowing, Decision, and Choice. The reason that it is so important to know these things is that you want to begin to truly understand what it means to know your sequence of any creation. To know and understand this is to begin to take your power for self in creating a life that is always under your direction. You will begin to see that you do not have to control or make sure all your ducks are in a row. You will not have to make sure each step you think you should take needs to be perfect before you can take them.

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Finding Safety and Security in Self

Love-YourselfOne of the things that you will need to practice when you are beginning this walk of truth is watching for where you place expectations on someone else. Relying on any specific person or people shows that you have an attachment to that person. Attachments are very harmful for both parties involved.

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Desire, Need – are they the same thing?

My students and I have been working on the terms DESIRE and NEED.  I often hear things like, “My desire is to have this in my Life. My needs are never being met.” So we have begun to spend time on studying these terms. You would think that this would be a simple concept to understand and then incorporate in one’s life. Yet weeks later, here we are still working on these terms and how they affect our lives intimately . Continue reading

How do we look at Soul depth of History?

I look at history as color bands around our aura; it allows us to recognize from one being to the next the types of study we have done throughout the ages. Those of us who have the same type bands tend to find each other on this earth plane. Our akashic records are stored within the color band.

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Standing in a feeling: Is this a piece of Passion?

When I talk about standing in a feeling, what do I mean?

So often people talk about their feelings yet when they are asked what their feelings are they answer by saying,” I do not really know what my feelings are.” Why is that? Is it possible, in the true sense of feeling, to use ‘I think’ and ‘feeling’ in the same sentence? Continue reading

How do we get in touch with our inner knowings?

What have we practiced for ourselves?

Each one of us has a special way that we talk to the internal being of ourselves. Some of us have labeled this as talking to God, some call it meditating, some contemplation.

We should all learn that there is a reason to do these things. It is how we begin the relationship with self. It will lead us back to the truth of how to make choices that are safe for ourselves.

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