The walk to your heart

yourheartWhen one talks about communicating does that mean with others? Does that mean with one’s self? Does that mean with the all encompassing Universe for all the answers one could ever hope to have answered?

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Getting to know your emotions and why you are having them

Understand-Your-Emotions-Step-1Now I would like to begin to talk about another form of communication. I would like to share how you begin to talk to yourself in the brutal honesty that I talk about. If you have read my blogs or listened to my talk radio show, you will have heard me refer to this concept.

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To have the fun of physical expression

cat-sees-lion-mirrorWell I just went through a weekend with a wonderful group of women where we have one on one sessions as a group to work on concepts and ideas, beliefs that are putting a block in front of us and removing them to be able to walk free and whole into our daily lives.

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How Compartmentalizing Your Life Hurts You

compartmentalizationI would like to begin with talking about compartmentalization… how we do it and why we should not do it. It is probably the biggest thing that gets in our way of true understanding of the Universal Truths.

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Make a Decision

Make a DecisionTo repeat what I said in last week’s post, We are of the Divine Universal Love... It does not have to be hard, we do not have to stay lost and as we walk in the truth of this most glorious world we still can have all the sweet joys of playing here and doing the very things we love to do without having those attachments that pull us away from the core truth that we are of the divine love of the Universe and it is only that we have forgotten that.

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Why do we drop our most desired creation?

As I sit in the wonder of what this world can send us, I realize it is our physical experience which is such a wonderful gift. It is there to show us the moment, right now… with no stories attached… just plain and simple expression. It’s the ever present opportunity to ask self: Do you want to go farther in this? Or should you stop and create something new right now? Continue reading

Dreams – do we use them to their fullest intent

When I first started many, many years ago now, I started working with dreams and I interpreted them for people.

There are Universal symbols and those that Doctors and psychologists use and I am not going to get into that sort of thing. What I am going to get into is that you should begin your own dictionary of symbols. Why? Well, because there are so many interpretations out there. Continue reading