Finding Safety and Security in Self

Love-YourselfOne of the things that you will need to practice when you are beginning this walk of truth is watching for where you place expectations on someone else. Relying on any specific person or people shows that you have an attachment to that person. Attachments are very harmful for both parties involved.

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Peace and Joy NOW!

187195_1124443519_8049177_nWhen one desires to walk the path of Universal Truth, what does that mean? How does one walk peacefully, joyfully, amongst those here on this beloved Earth when so many are in turmoil, where there is poverty and unrest everywhere?

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Passion and Truth

passionandtruthI was talking to a close friend yesterday and she asked me how I kept the passion that I feel for my life and the Universal Truth. I get such great joy, spending time with those who, as I do, look for the kind of life that brings them peace, joy and tranquility in their every day moments.

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Journaling and Contemplation

journal2What is contemplation? To me it is the one tool that can work in any time of your life… in it’s chaos, in it’s peace. When I journal I really keep in mind the questions that I am trying to learn about. It is what has kept me continuing the passion for life. I have such a deep feeling of each and everyone of us, you and I can be free and happy and sit in joy for this life experience.

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Putting YOU in the equation

WHOAREYOUWhy is it so difficult for you to make a choice just for yourself when you know it is the very best thing for your life? This is a question for you to look at seriously. How often do we continue on in situations in our lives that we would not consider if it was only about ourselves?

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Listening to Inner Guidance

Can it be possible to love yourself the same as falling in love for the very first time? I say not only is it possible but it is Necessary in order to have a long and happy life here. It is possible to reach the heavens and experience that peace and tranquility right here, right now.

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only one person knows you the best…

So, how are you doing with your positive thoughts? When you refuse to deal with the real life issues that are going on in your life you might discover that “positive thoughts” alone don’t change anything. Yes, one of the main reasons that you always feel that no one can hear you, or understand you, is because even though you use terms of peace and harmony, you smile and try and help all around on the outside… you’re cringing inside.

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To Stand in the truth for Self

As I look back at my life that has passed, I can say that the hardest thing for me was to just stand in what I truly was and am.

I always felt like I should try and fit in. I am a very social kind of person and so to be with people is what I have gravitated to. Yet, I always felt apart from them all. I did not see the need for intrigue that seems to follow people around when they simply do not tell the truth about themselves. Yet I found myself embroiled in it every time I turned around. Continue reading

DOUBT – how it stops our creation

When one sits in doubt, what can we do to step out of it as quickly as possible so we do not wander too far from our hearts desire?

I know this to be the greatest killer of all dreams, hopes, and desires. As we sit on the verge of seeing our creations come to completion, if we could just begin to see this is where we lose heart. This is when we are weary and we have been working hard at the physical part of the completion of our dreams coming true. Continue reading

Sitting in Joy

As I sit here bringing the peace and tranquility that fills the very essence of my soul I have come to feel that all is possible.

When you sit in the simple quiet of joy, all that your heart desires simply is shown to you. It is, of course, our choice if we are going to use our minds to bring about this quality to our lives. Continue reading