Take accountability and responsibility for each thought

responsible for actionsOkay, a question that has probably crossed your mind is… “If I am not supposed to live in my past stories, because by doing so I am carrying that energy into my future and my day to day life experience, how do I then look at my stories and not get stuck creating the same old energy over and over again?”

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Is it True Happiness or just a Void?

test_tubesThe greatest struggle that we each have in the beginning of wanting to have happiness and change, is that we want to accomplish this within the scenario we are now playing in. Well, I might as well break that bubble right now. Why? Because in any scientific study or test, the scientists know, if you want a change in your experiment you must put different particles or vibrations into the mix to get a different outcome.

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Say YES to change!

say-yes2Why does it seem when you think you have a handle on your life, you have a direction and you feel good about the direction you are going and the choices that you are making, you wake up one day and all holy hell has broken loose in your life?!?

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When you hit a wall…

brick-wall-When you have been on the walk for awhile and you are learning some amazing things, about yourself and how to maneuver around in the world, and then the wall seems to hit you, and hit you hard, how do you keep your equilibrium?!

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What shall we do for now?

I am sure, like myself, you have found yourself wondering, ‘why is my life feeling like it is in a holding pattern?’ Well, if you are in this holding pattern may I suggest you take a deep breath, for in the next second you could find yourself spiraling out into outer space.

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