Why should you be satisfied with only sometimes being happy?

Be-Different-250x200What does following your path really mean? It is so often talked about– following our own music, our path, but does anyone really know what that is? I, for one, read so many new age books to try and find the path, the ‘secret’ that was going to set me free from my fear of filling my needs.

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Say YES to change!

say-yes2Why does it seem when you think you have a handle on your life, you have a direction and you feel good about the direction you are going and the choices that you are making, you wake up one day and all holy hell has broken loose in your life?!?

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Walking in Internal Truth?

When one chooses to truly walk the path of Universal truth one would assume there are many things in our physical life that we would have to give up. That was my understanding as a small girl going to parochial school learning about all the stories in the oldĀ testament.

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How to learn from a group of life experiences

I have been working extensively on how to look at our life experiences and learn from them. I mean learn how to walk the path of truth without resistance, free of worry and pain. You do not believe that is possible. Hmmm… well I can see that is one of the reasons you have the life experiences you do then. Why? Well… Continue reading

Walking into Our future.

I am sure that anyone that has walked the path of learning about yourself in their spiritual path knows that as we face the changes we must make we can be overwhelmed. Asking ourselves, “How can I do this??! I so want my life to change but can I go ahead just for myself?” Continue reading

Walking with the old Self

As you begin to hear whom you are, you can begin to feel the reason that you are experiencing the things you are in the physical sense.

As I have spoken before, there is a time that you will have to mourn for your inner self. We then must begin to look at the following – do we have the courage to begin standing in peace and love for our selves? Continue reading