Taking Physical Steps Toward Happiness

Taking Physical Steps to Change Your LifeHow do you, as a new student in communicating with one’s self and learning to really hear and begin to make changes, begin the communications with the children in your lives that we have now acting out because of you not taking the physical steps that were necessary to create the happiness in your heart.

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The Answer is Within Your Reach

You are not happychanges_ahead, you want changes in your world, you have known what it is going to take to make yourself happy yet you do everything but the one thing that is going to change your life. Why do you think that is? Continue reading

Why Doesn’t Instant Gratification Work?!

Once again, I would like to write about instant gratification. There are some that include ‘entitlement’ along with the concept of instant gratification. I do believe that this has become¬†prevalent in our young children and young adults.

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Recognizing Our Internal Truth.

I spend a lot of time with my students on finding and holding our/their own voice.

How do we really know what we are hearing is the truth for us? This is probably the hardest thing for us to become sure of. One of the reasons is we had parents raise us and not guardians. I will repeat this over and over again. Because we need to learn to become the guardian for self now. Continue reading

How I came into my knowings.

Like all of us here I was born. We all are. It is part of the physical experience that we need to have. It would be too great a shock to our make up if we just walked away from the All.

By being born we slowly eliminate the amount of the all that we are in. We must become aware of how different the energies are here on this plane. Continue reading

This Moments Truth…..

Until we learn the Universal Truths, and what that means, we must look at the fact that our truths change.

As we go out into the world, the work place, the places that we socialize, if we do not take into account that our beliefs are going to be challenged, and so they should, then we start blending and jumbling up our truths.

We begin not seeing what we should have let go of and what we should keep. Continue reading