How Shame and Guilt Change the Story

Upset little boyIn class last night the group spoke about the lessons that they were focusing on during the previous week. The main theme was how shame and guilt had prevented them from hearing words of wisdom that would have allowed them to hear truths about their stories much sooner. So I ask you how often, when information comes to you, do you deflect it away because it means you have to look at the choices you made in the past out of anger or fear or guilt?

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The only reason you have stressors in your life

stressed-out-tiles-by-Flickr-user-Thomas-HaynieWhen you are learning to use the most valuable tool that you have, evaluating each and every thought you allow to flow through your consciousness, you will at first be nervous about the changes that might occur in your life if you use this tool. Will you still have feelings about those you  love and have in your life?

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what do we ask for when we need change?

What do we ask for when we need change? I think this is probably one of the most common questions we ask. We already know what we need! We need to ask ourselves why are we afraid to take the first small step so we can allow the change in our lives. Continue reading

New exuberance, is it killing those around us?

I would like to talk about this today. I am a person who is in great joy when new understandings of myself surface. I love it when I meet new people of the same mind-set. When I have an opportunity to share the internal joy of growing and sharing. Sometimes, as a dear friend has reminded me, those who I am playing with may not have the ability to tell me the truth of how my exuberance is putting pressures on them that they cannot stand up to. Continue reading