On the true path of Self

be_yourselfOne of the things that I have always asked my students and clients to do is to journal each day. I share that by doing this you will begin to see how your free thoughts show you how you randomly think about the world and people around you. This is very important when you need to start finding where your learned behaviors are sabotaging your everyday life and the creations that your heart is feeling.

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For the first time stand in the truth and allow the healing to begin

truth piss ypu offCommunication, communication, communication, is the word for the day. Why is this word so very important? The first thing that you truly want to look at is I am not talking about communication with someone else, I am talking about how you are communicating with yourself. I know I keep harping on this but this is the most important communication you can have to change your life.

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Re-creating Yourself

Life-is-about-creating-yourself-150x150What do choices, stories, truth, love, and life have to do with really changing the course of our own history? These are questions that are asked of me when I have someone new come and begin to work with me about changing their lives.

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Sitting in Joy

As I sit here bringing the peace and tranquility that fills the very essence of my soul I have come to feel that all is possible.

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“Recognizing who we were”

As I have said before, it will take discipline in the beginning to stop ourselves from being in the blame game. My clients and students and I spend much time right here. I do not like going past this place and understanding until they have gotten familiar with this concept. Continue reading