Communication is key!

communicationI have been watching and working with couples and I often see when people have stories that have been with them about how they feel about their life before they met the person they choose to share their life with. I hear from both sides how they assume that the other person is the one that should give validation of the things they do in the Universe called their life. I have heard how they share how they would comply with the wishes with the other as though they really cared yet then proceeded to talk the other one into the real way they wanted things to go.

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The Power Within You

power withinWhen you are looking at the changes that you know and feel are right for you, the first place you want to begin is like I was recently saying in my talk radio show… You must always start with the very center of your internal power. By doing so you are taking charge of the power with each and every choice that you are making consciously today. Then to take care and be aware of the choices that you made when you did not stand in the place of power.

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Magnetic Loops

infinityloopToday let’s talk about how it takes work and discipline when you have been riding a high of your concepts and ideas working and working well for the first time in your life. You feel like you have it. You understand the new way of feeling and thinking, you are making changes in your life and then all of a sudden… things begin to not come out like you felt they should. More and more it seems you have things happening for you but oops, not all the way… or almost but, yet, ohh no… there it goes… slips out of your fingers.

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Stop Defending Your Choices

crossroadWhat makes it so hard for you to make a different choice? One of the things I see most is people saying they really desire change, yet they do not want to change the choices they are making.

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Happiness as our gauge

happiness9-aristotleI know that when you decide it is time to have joy in your everyday world, the possibility of it becoming a reality is really here for you to enjoy. If anyone has the drama for pain and suffering that I have had, please know I’m speaking to you, too. It was that deep pain from being raped, not only my body, but my young mind… by those who I felt should protect me, that could have left me stuck in misery and hopelessness. Yet that is not what happened.

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Holding the NEW while releasing the old

When you are learning something new about yourself, do you take the time to study the old and the new of you? This is a time and space where you will become most creative. As that excitement of learning something wonderful about yourself is swirling around you in the most glorious way.

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Stopping your life… is really instant gratification!

As you go about your day, the one that you are living right now, do not spend time thinking about what you desire. No, big mistake that takes you out of your now.

Just keep working on expanding how you feel right here, right now. When you find your mind wandering bring yourself back to the here and the now. It is in this moment that you can change your life, not in the daydreaming of what can be.  The opportunities to bring the life change you are feeling, only happens with each tiny step we take right now. We must always be mindful of the thoughts we are having right now. It is in this moment that the insights and the means to change exist. Continue reading

The Still Small Voice vs. Mind Chatter

Mind chatter, have you ever sat and thought about what that is? Has it ever been so loud that you can hear your thoughts?

I have spent a lot of time myself learning to meditate to get rid of mind chatter. It was the hardest thing for me to learn to do. Meditate that is, I had so many barriers set up. The first of many was the idea that I can not take the time to meditate, too many things I have to do. Continue reading

Do you really want to go on with your life without you?

Well, after my last few posts I hope you are seeing that this is really the root of all the mind chatter that is holding us hostage to the old way of thinking. Once you begin to get an understanding about all the hidden facets of mind chatter, you will begin to see that it is simple enough to get rid of it. I said simple, not that it was easy.

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