Stop Running from Your Emotions

Why do you go to someone else to try and get yourself out of trouble? Or worse yet, lot’s of ‘you’s’ trying to get someone else to get a person out of trouble. Let me try and explain: I have been watching how when someone makes a mistake they seem to go to someone else to try to get them out of the mess they are in. Have you noticed this?

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Stories: anger-vs-happiness

As I have worked with clients at Life Learning Center of Self I have begun using the term ‘Stories’. My interpretation of this word is our life experiences. As I work with a client we come to a space where an understanding comes that to make choices has always been our right.

Yet not all of us have found a way of being conscious of when we choose something in our lives. As we get to know one another it allows for the discussions on, ” How to recognize even as a small child our choices” for ourselves. Continue reading