Know that you are a great liar

Knowing that you are a great liarOkay, I know I have been spending a lot of time writing about talking to yourself and truly communicating with yourself. Understand that it is very easy to slip into talking to yourself rather than truly communicating. It is not easy to break old habits and beliefs about the truth of this world that we live in.

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Walking towards having joy in your heart

victoryToday I would like to talk about how you can lull yourself into thinking that all is well and yet you have not followed all the steps needed to set yourself free. How do you know you have not set yourself free? How do I know you have not set yourself free?

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It begins with a state of mind

How do we take charge of our lives and see the mind chatter for what it is?

For me it was when my life seemed to be falling apart and yet, I could see that there should be no reason for it. When my internal peace did not match what I was seeing with my physical eyes.

As I began to read and study about the metaphysical world I could see that you could have and should have beauty and peace in your every day world. I was seeing that it began with my state of mind. I repeat, it begins with a state of mind!

That is how we begin to digest, and feel. It is also where we get lost into the emotion of things and never get past that part in our lives. I have found that there is a sequence, a mathematical equation that is followed to have harmony and peace. Yet, we never follow the sequence through to the end to see if we like what we have started. We were never taught that there has to be a conclusion of our lesson. Without that we do not know where to make the next choice. Now I am sure you are asking what does this have to do with mind chatter? Continue reading