How do you stand up for yourself?

stand up for yourselfI have had a lot of conversations about when you are learning to be in the Universal truth, and how do you stand up for yourself and not fall victim to your emotions and learned behaviors? These are outstanding questions and ones that each and everyone of us that lives on this planet really must learn and understand. It also brings up the question of compromise. How here it means one gets less than the other.

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Parameters in your relationship

the relationship agreementSo, you are in a relationship, and you’re sharing a family, a home, and all the bills and money issues that go along with that kind of a relationship. In this relationship do you feel your happiness? Do you feel that the world is your oyster? The things that you dream about – are they all becoming a reality or are they getting pushed farther and farther back into that very messy closet where all those things you want to do some day but have not gotten to it as of yet are located?

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