Your Story Line Keeps You Unhappy

What does it mean to stand in your heart and be truthful to yourself? What does it mean when we feel a yearning in our inner being that does not seem to go away no matter what we try and do to make changes in ourselves?

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Go Within

What is so important about having someone agree with your concepts or ideas? Why do you, when you are in a discussion with someone, feel the need to talk other people into accepting your ideas and beliefs? Do you really feel that by having others support your choices that they are going to make those choices any better or worse? You should really evaluate from the history of yourself to making choices.

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No one can argue with someones simple truth

There is no greater conflict than the one between your intellect and your dreams. This is where you set aside what you know to be true for your internal well being. Why would anyone walk away from their true source of peace and happiness? Yet, you did and you are doing so each and every time you choose counter to your internal self and knowing.

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“Choices” – why should we look at our past choices?

When you begin to look at your life and you have decided that you truly desire change, then it is time for you to look at your previous choices. In looking at your choices you begin to see how the they began to make a pattern in your life that you got so used to living you lost sight of the power that a choice you make gives you. Continue reading

What is a choice?

You would think that making choices in our daily life would be something we are conscious of doing. Yet, as I speak with people, I realize they are not even aware that they are making choices  to wake up happy or sad. What they are choosing to eat. The choice of whether to eat or not eat. To get dressed or not get dressed.

If we go about our day without being aware of choices that we are making, how then do we begin to make choices to change the things in our lives we are not happy with? One day we wake up and the burdens we carry just do not allow us to stand up. Continue reading