Know that you are a great liar

Knowing that you are a great liarOkay, I know I have been spending a lot of time writing about talking to yourself and truly communicating with yourself. Understand that it is very easy to slip into talking to yourself rather than truly communicating. It is not easy to break old habits and beliefs about the truth of this world that we live in.

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It’s time to answer the tough questions

ToughQuestionsAnswerIn my last blog post, Why should you be satisfied with only sometimes being happy?,  I was talking about having this piece inside of me that made me push myself to find the truth that was going to make me feel good about living the life I was living. It was not that by looking at me, you would think I had a bad life. Yet, even in that, I was raising children was married and working out of the home sometimes.

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Is this world really as we see it?

If we could see this world in a different light would we be willing to live differently? When we are caught in our every day lives, do we believe that we can start over and change every thing about our selves? Well that is the very thing that I have spent the last eighteen years working on with my clients.

First, take stock of what it is that you want to change. The next thing that I work on with my clients is how they have made the choice to feel about their lives. This is where we trip ourselves up. We allow our egos to take charge and infect our every day thoughts and emotions. Continue reading

Detachment from ourselves

The thing that I have found the hardest to understand about detachment was that I had to  let go of what the other person was doing. That is what was hurting me the most. Why can they not just see that it is their action that is the most offensive. Continue reading