You Have the Power to Change Your Life

power-to-change-gws2When we communicate with one another why do we take the information that was shared with us as bad or sad or happy or glad or all those words that we can use? When I am working with someone I can tell just by how they are sharing their life stories with me if they are taking the responsibility and accountability that comes with being in charge of their lives.

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Learn the skills to communicate with yourself

Quotation-Charlie-Kaufman-communication-talking-Meetville-Quotes-266159What is the art of communication? So many of you are telling me no one hears you, you talk and talk and share you intimate feelings and yet you are not being heard. Well, I have a question for you… What is talking and what is communicating? They are two totally different things. Is is possible that all you do is talk and not really communicate your real feelings and emotions?

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How can I have ‘leaking’ energy?

leakingenergy-800x552Let’s talk about that thing called ‘leaking energy’. I have spoken about how our words and catch phrases can be the very things that have you stall out your creative process. So let’s look at what else can have you lose your balance of your internal honor. Let’s consider the thoughts you are having in trying to be nice and help out others, not make it tough on them.

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What you’re living is what you asked for. Happy yet?

Take-Responsibility-for-your-lifeWhat is your need to be heard? To the exclusion of listening to the very contrast that you are begging to hear? When you are in a state of unrest and your mind just does not let you have peace, why do you run away from the words that would set you free? I have watched many and they come in such unrest and their stories and words just make them go around and around in circles. I can see how much confusion they are in.

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Energies and Vibrations – What Are They?

I think I need to begin to talk about what energies are and how they work in our lives as well as what vibrations are and how they affect our true energy of self.

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Instant gratification is not the art of appreciation…

What was and/or is the reason that we decided to accept instant gratification? I have been pondering this idea. This is hard for me to imagine why we would want instant gratification. Maybe that is because with all the time I have taken to contemplate what my choices and action steps are going to mean to me, I have learned the art of appreciation for the final outcome of any creation that I have happen in my life. Continue reading

The internal chatter we do not even hear.

I have spent lots of hours trying to work with my clients and students about mind chatter. This is probably the most sabotaging work we can do against ourselves. Another way of saying mind chatter is self-destruction. Because of how we hear ourselves talk, we also feel others are saying those same kinds of words. It is really eye-opening as I am listening to a conversation and when hearing each person talk about the conversation they are talking as if two different conversations were going on at the same time.

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Putting up Walls

I have had¬† a very interesting conversation with a woman today. She had commented that she had consciously put up walls, so that someone would come and tear it down. I commented back that the power actually is in our own hands. We should not expect someone else to come and prove that they are listening to us. Her answer was she was listening but……. Continue reading

Getting past the other persons crap……

I think another of the hard things about communicating is when one person is communicating and the other person is slinging stuff to get out of talking altogether. This is where choices on our part have to come in. We must start asking ourselves, how important is this person in our lives?

I know this can start to sound harsh. Yet if this person does not want to really communicate and refuses to have any part in changing their form of talking to you, you must look at why you are in the relationship.

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