How Shame and Guilt Change the Story

Upset little boyIn class last night the group spoke about the lessons that they were focusing on during the previous week. The main theme was how shame and guilt had prevented them from hearing words of wisdom that would have allowed them to hear truths about their stories much sooner. So I ask you how often, when information comes to you, do you deflect it away because it means you have to look at the choices you made in the past out of anger or fear or guilt?

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Make a Choice and Watch for Feedback

When you know what is the very best thing for you to do, yet you feel guilty for living your life the way that is the very best, what do you do? I know this is speaking to you. It is a place where each of has to get.

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To Stand in the truth for Self

As I look back at my life that has passed, I can say that the hardest thing for me was to just stand in what I truly was and am.

I always felt like I should try and fit in. I am a very social kind of person and so to be with people is what I have gravitated to. Yet, I always felt apart from them all. I did not see the need for intrigue that seems to follow people around when they simply do not tell the truth about themselves. Yet I found myself embroiled in it every time I turned around. Continue reading

What brings happiness to me?

To stand strong within ourselves, to learn that all things are lessons, to know that judgment is only something that is here… not a part of the Universal truth. How do I know these things? It becomes apparent when you go within yourself and ask ,”How does this work?, What really is the truth about our world?” When a person really goes within themselves and begins to really want change… change comes.

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When a Friend decides to leave our life what then

When you think you are going along fine and then you hear from a friend that they no longer want to participate with you what do you do?

Do you give them the respect of ok, you have that right, and go on.

Do you bother them further for an explanation?

What is the method that we should walk through so our heart does not hurt any more because of the empty feeling that seems to be left there in  our heart? Continue reading

How do we read our life experiences?

I have been noticing  my students not seeing how to tie their life experience with what they are trying to learn about themselves. They are using just one experience instead of seeing that the last couple of weeks ties in all of their questions. Why do I say their experiences have anything to do with their life lessons? Continue reading

Why we should be Guardians and not Parents

As small children we made choices to do things. Depending on the reaction of those around us, we chose if we were going to do it again.

Then there were those well-meaning parents that could not see that a small being could and had made a life choice for themselves. Continue reading