Taking Physical Steps Toward Happiness

Taking Physical Steps to Change Your LifeHow do you, as a new student in communicating with one’s self and learning to really hear and begin to make changes, begin the communications with the children in your lives that we have now acting out because of you not taking the physical steps that were necessary to create the happiness in your heart.

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The Answer is Within Your Reach

You are not happychanges_ahead, you want changes in your world, you have known what it is going to take to make yourself happy yet you do everything but the one thing that is going to change your life. Why do you think that is? Continue reading

Self Discipline… can set you free

self-disciplineOne the first things you have to really do for yourself is come to a place where you take the accountability for the truth that you really desire to have change. That is what is going to hold your feet to the fire when it starts getting a little hard for you. Why do I say this? Because if you really desire to have the joy in your everyday experience then you will have to constantly remind yourself that it has been you who started this walk to the truth and that it is going to take your diligence to remember this when others tell you that you should be happy with what you have and stop reaching for the stars. The stars that set your own heart free.

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It’s not the PATH, it’s the SEQUENCE of steps

path-large-stone-walkway-lgWhen one begins the walk of learning totally about the concept of SELF, where do you go? Does one become totally self absorbed to the exclusion of anyone else in your world? Does ‘Self is Necessary’ mean that you have to do all things by yourself?

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You… Me… Us

You Me UsLet me explain what I mean by the phrase ‘Self Is Necessary’. A while back I was sharing, with a friend, my dislike for going out and doing things by myself. My friend seemed somewhat shocked. It turns out this friend misunderstood my program and courses on Self is Necessary, as I heard them say that I should be able to do everything by myself, being as I am the Queen of ‘Self is Necessary’.

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You Need To Be Happy!

I have so many people ask me how they can know what their needs are. As we are talking they are expressing what they think their needs are. I know that most of us feel our needs are those things like food, clothing, housing, jobs.

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Holding the NEW while releasing the old

When you are learning something new about yourself, do you take the time to study the old and the new of you? This is a time and space where you will become most creative. As that excitement of learning something wonderful about yourself is swirling around you in the most glorious way.

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The Power of Words

As I watch and listen to the people I work and interact with, I am seeing a word used so very often without it really having the meaning it should have. When we use words on such a regular basis does it give us the feeling of what they mean or do they just become so the norm that we do not even feel what it means when we are saying them or using them in a sentence?

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How do we begin to use our choices in the moment they are needed.

When I talk about choices, I am talking about learning to take charge of your life. To learn that when you make a choice in a conscious way in the moment that you are standing in, your results will be better. You have all the tools and information right at your fingertips to know that it is the right thing for you .

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PeaceMakers: Nice vs Guardians (part nine)

Why is it so hard for us to admit the truth? Why can we not say, “I can not do that“. A very simple statement, right? Yet, when are are asked to participate in something that we know right away we do not desire to do, why can’t we simply say those words… “I just can not do this for you.”

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