What makes your life easier and easier?

make lifeeasierWhat makes your life easier and easier? The first thing of course is to know and love the parameters that you are living in. Now this can seem like ‘why do I want to love the prison cell that I am living in?’ The secret is to remember you are in total charge of the size and conditions of that so-called cell. I know these words are really extreme yet some of your feelings about your life today are very extreme as well.

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You can literally change your life by simply paying attention

Stones--career-life-balanceA question that is often asked is “How do I know when it is my small inner child or a learned behaviour that is affecting my internal choices?” I do want to talk about how each of us have several emotions and then a true feeling/knowing that goes on within our heart and mind as we are asking for new experiences. There is no greater gift we can give ourselves than to be able to see up front and personal how the little child and our learned behaviours are only visible when we are beginning to take charge of our emotional well being. That is because our learned behaviours are incorporated to support a small inner child that at a very early age, because of a story we lived through, without having a Guardian walk with us through the experience so that even as a tiny child we are shown when we could of made a different choice and how that different choice would have showed us how differently the story could’ve been.

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The First 3 Steps of a Sequence

12x12I have begun to talk about the first three steps of a sequence. Knowing, Decision, and Choice. The reason that it is so important to know these things is that you want to begin to truly understand what it means to know your sequence of any creation. To know and understand this is to begin to take your power for self in creating a life that is always under your direction. You will begin to see that you do not have to control or make sure all your ducks are in a row. You will not have to make sure each step you think you should take needs to be perfect before you can take them.

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A knowing is an internal message

gut instinctWhen I share with people that they KNOW their knowings, I get a lot of resistance from them. People claim they don’t know how to discern a ‘knowing’. So I will spend a little time here and detail for you what is a knowing.

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Why should you be satisfied with only sometimes being happy?

Be-Different-250x200What does following your path really mean? It is so often talked about– following our own music, our path, but does anyone really know what that is? I, for one, read so many new age books to try and find the path, the ‘secret’ that was going to set me free from my fear of filling my needs.

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A Universal law regarding “Free will”

As I write this blog post I am going to write under the premise that you understand that we are always, in our every moment experiences, in a lesson plan that we choose just for ourselves. Under that premise I am going to begin by working with this question…

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Feeling is always on the scale of Joy

Today I want to continue discussing the value of sitting in a feeling. When a person is sitting in their feelings as they address their life it is not about crying or being sad… that is not a feeling, that is an emotion. As the word expresses, by emoting you are to express this in a way that allows you to learn why you were unhappy with your choice and why you will either continue the same choice or make another.

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How to be in love with You.

One of the most asked questions of my clients to me is, “How does one love self?” The first time I heard this I thought to myself, how does one answer that question with one answer? This is the very reason I started The Life Learning Center of Self. Because one does not answer this with one answer. Continue reading

Did we really make the hole that we are now lost in?

What do we do when we find ourselves in a place that feels like we will never, ever be able to get out? When every breath that we take feels like it will be our last? When we go to bed and we cannot sleep because we can’t stop thinking about the thing that has us trapped in this hole we call our life? How can we get ourselves out of the hole?

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Does the soul have a history?

Wonderful question for thought. Does our soul have it’s very own history? Well, just with my own knowing I would say it does. I have too many memories that would not have come from my life now. Which got me to contemplating the question… does this history affect our lives as we live them today? Continue reading