On the true path of Self

be_yourselfOne of the things that I have always asked my students and clients to do is to journal each day. I share that by doing this you will begin to see how your free thoughts show you how you randomly think about the world and people around you. This is very important when you need to start finding where your learned behaviors are sabotaging your everyday life and the creations that your heart is feeling.

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Experience – the platform that holds the lesson

Experience-White-cherry-flowers-on-sunny-backgroundHave you ever felt like you are not listened to or not heard? Have you been in old relationships and then started new ones and they were wonderful and exciting and then you find yourself feeling the same way? Or perhaps you have a fear of creating the very same kind of relationship of not being heard or appreciated? Are you working on a long standing relationship and find yourself back to square one?

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Are your very words working against you?

words-matter-logoI would like to talk to those of you that have tried ‘positive thinking’ your way into having your creations. Have you had success each and every time? No? Well there is a reason for that. Yes, you are not feeling the same positive that you are trying to think.

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Journaling and Contemplation

journal2What is contemplation? To me it is the one tool that can work in any time of your life… in it’s chaos, in it’s peace. When I journal I really keep in mind the questions that I am trying to learn about. It is what has kept me continuing the passion for life. I have such a deep feeling of each and everyone of us, you and I can be free and happy and sit in joy for this life experience.

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beginning to understand mind chatter effects…

As I was beginning to see that all that chatter that was going on while I was trying to learn to meditate was getting in my way and frustrating me, it came to me that maybe that mind chatter was also getting in my way of  peace and harmony.

As I began to journal and keep track of just what moods I would have due to what kind of mind chatter was going on, I began to see a correlation between the tone of the chatter and my moods. Continue reading