This world will support your walking your god essence upon the Earth herself

This world will support your walking your god essence upon the Earth herselfWhen you are learning to follow your heart it can seem that you are walking away from everything you know and love. Yet ask yourself, why is your heart leading you in a direction that is so totally opposite of what you have been doing up to this moment?

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Being in Charge… not in control

in charge vs in controlWhat is controlling vs taking charge? Is this not the most sought after question? If it isn’t it should be. How many of you feel the tight hold around your heart of someone who is telling you they love you when really what they are doing is trying to control and manipulate you into doing something for them that they are not willing to put the time or energy into doing for themselves.

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Listening to Inner Guidance

Can it be possible to love yourself the same as falling in love for the very first time? I say not only is it possible but it is Necessary in order to have a long and happy life here. It is possible to reach the heavens and experience that peace and tranquility right here, right now.

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What webs we weave. Only one thread? mind chatter

I am beginning to understand that mind chatter has a lot of strings attached to it. I have found that it is the voices of my mothers, grandmothers, church elders, teachers, and anyone else that Parented me through their filter system. Those people who do not understand that we have a God guidance system, each and every one of us. We just have to be taught how to allow the internal voice to be the loudest. Why would not those that love and care for us want us to learn and use that system? Continue reading