Are you deflecting the very information that can change your life?

deflectAs class was continuing last night one of the things that we were working more on was how to recognize when each of you begin to deflect from the very information that you have been thinking about. What do I mean by that? Why would anyone walk away from the information that can change their life? Yet, you are doing so each and every day. You are walking away from opportunities that could change the very way you breathe.

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The Power Within You

power withinWhen you are looking at the changes that you know and feel are right for you, the first place you want to begin is like I was recently saying in my talk radio show… You must always start with the very center of your internal power. By doing so you are taking charge of the power with each and every choice that you are making consciously today. Then to take care and be aware of the choices that you made when you did not stand in the place of power.

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Your God-Given Right

wordleSept5I hope you are as excited about my previous blog post as I was when I came upon these concepts and how they worked. I want you to know that everything I talk about, everything I teach, is totally at your disposable and I shall be happy to share and share and share until you have the knowings to do this for yourself.

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Quick to Deflect

deflectionWhy have we become so quick to deflect from any emotional or bad feelings when interacting with people? When you walk in the Universal Truth, you have come to an understanding where you realize the following – you make a choice, you have a physical experience, and then you analyze the physical experience to see if you would repeat any of the sequence steps that led you to have the physical experience.

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Had a bad break up? Let’s evaluate

I was recently talking on my radio show, Self is Necessary, about relationships and why so many people seem to want their Ex back. During that program I was discussing the energies behind why people come together. There are many things that need to be broken down for easier understanding and so I shall spend some time in the next few blog posts doing just that. Hopefully I can share the information in a way that will be understood and accepted by you.

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Use Your Feedback Effectively

When you make a choice and you receive negative feedback what should you do about it? The first thing I suggest is look at the choice itself. The problem of negative feedback is you so often get lost in the way the feedback is demonstrated back to you.

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Do we have knowings?

What allows some to have information about this earth plane and others not? What makes some of us stand so strong in believing in a spiritual world; Other than what a religious foundation is willing to express for every one. Just mystical beings that never seem to be alive while we are?

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Allowed to challenge ourselves

When I first found information of the nature that we do not die, that we are on a cycle of creations from different planes, that gave me peace. I had to walk a long time and experience many different concepts and ideas before I could come to a place where I could stand up for my peace of mind.

We must learn that we will find physical proof for whatever we believe in. That is exactly how this plane was created to function.

We have the abilities, all of us, to create any and every thing that we need to have for a physical experience to the fullest. Continue reading

begin the Universal walk of Truth

As I was speaking in a previous blog…  There is a Universal truth. It is a group of laws that surround all things and how they work in all of the planes that exist. As our science is making its headway into information that previously has not been available to us, we are seeing that many things that we did not know existed are now coming up to be facts. Continue reading