Why Share Thoughts and Feelings?

writingindiaryWell last evening while class was in session we spent a lot of time talking about how successful you feel when you begin to truly share your thoughts and feelings. Some of the students shared their experiences and choices they made when they thought that their need was not going to manifest for them and how when that happened they shut down.

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Love yourself until it spills over

cup runneth overI would like to share with you how you learn to evaluate before a scenario plays out in your world. And then how to walk through the experience and then once you’ve walked through the experience to once again evaluate how you did. What emotions came up for you? What choices would you make again? What choices would you drop from your mind?.

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Journaling and Contemplation

journal2What is contemplation? To me it is the one tool that can work in any time of your life… in it’s chaos, in it’s peace. When I journal I really keep in mind the questions that I am trying to learn about. It is what has kept me continuing the passion for life. I have such a deep feeling of each and everyone of us, you and I can be free and happy and sit in joy for this life experience.

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Secret to being happy all the time.

Do we want to be happy all the time? I guess that would be the first question I would ask myself. What does it mean to be happy? I cannot go any farther until I know this answer. I, of course, have asked this question of myself many times. Mostly when I have had the most challenges. Because I have come to an understanding that what I am feeling today is what I do experience tomorrow. Continue reading

Walking into Our future.

I am sure that anyone that has walked the path of learning about yourself in their spiritual path knows that as we face the changes we must make we can be overwhelmed. Asking ourselves, “How can I do this??! I so want my life to change but can I go ahead just for myself?” Continue reading

Who’s telling the Truth,”Them or Me?”

I think the hardest thing about having true communications with others is not getting lost in questioning what are facts and what is fiction with our stories and other peoples stories.

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questions: Detachment? What!!!!

What is detachment? We must begin by looking at all of our experiences as sent out by a vibration we are sitting in.

We recognize a vibration by looking with our eyes and heart. By being really honest with how we like or do not like the experiences we are having. Continue reading