When is it my turn?

My turn. Why do I write these two words?

This is something that at a certain point of working with the understanding of responsibility and accountability, everyone comes and asks me about.

It is a time when my clients and students have been with me for a while and they are learning how to begin to fill their own needs. They are taking the responsibility of seeing their needs and filling them. Yet they have not quite understood how to let go of the idea that the other person showing up around an issue in their life is not stepping up also. Continue reading

Can you honestly say, “I have never cheated!”

I have been talking about what I have contemplated on about cheating. Yet, what does that mean to all of us? For as many people as there are on this planet there is half as many again ideas on this subject.

I think that once we begin to look at what is lying beneath our own feelings, we will see that our choices might be something so totally different then what we have claimed in the past. Why do I say this?

I say this because so many times as  I look at things I see that there is a microcosm and macrocosm to all and if I only look at the one side of any issue I only have half of the information to make my choice on. Continue reading

To Begin to change!!!”Really”

Now we have to start looking at what a true feeling is. That will put us in a state of total UN-knowing. This is a place where many people do not give themselves the time to re-establish with themselves a true relationship with self. Continue reading