Listening to Inner Guidance

Can it be possible to love yourself the same as falling in love for the very first time? I say not only is it possible but it is Necessary in order to have a long and happy life here. It is possible to reach the heavens and experience that peace and tranquility right here, right now.

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You Need To Be Happy!

I have so many people ask me how they can know what their needs are. As we are talking they are expressing what they think their needs are. I know that most of us feel our needs are those things like food, clothing, housing, jobs.

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Rise and Shine!

When waking up in the morning what is the first thing that you allow yourself to begin to think about? These thoughts will give you a clue of where you underlining emotions are sitting.

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Start dealing with your emotions in the light

On my BlogTalk radio show Self Is Necessary, I was talking about standing in half-truths when making choices for someone else. As I was speaking I realized how it takes a¬†discipline with great resolve for change to maintain making choices just¬†for yourself. You have been making choices for you but really giving priority to what will be easiest for those in your life. In this way you have been making others more important. And you’ve been doing it this way for so long that it is now just a normal thought process.

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What is the #1 lie we tell ourselves?

When we are working on changing ourselves so that we can truly be happy, we must begin by looking at ourselves and where we sit in our opinions and beliefs. Before we go anywhere else we must look at the truth of the beliefs and opinions we currently hold.

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Our Choices and Mind Chatter.

As we begin to see that so many of our choices are made under duress, it seems a daunting chore to find ourselves. We have convinced ourselves that there are so many reasons why we should not make choices for ourselves alone. So many that I would like you to send me several of your reasons and I will show you how you got there and some of the things you can do to get back to the real happy you!

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Secret to being happy all the time.

Do we want to be happy all the time? I guess that would be the first question I would ask myself. What does it mean to be happy? I cannot go any farther until I know this answer. I, of course, have asked this question of myself many times. Mostly when I have had the most challenges. Because I have come to an understanding that what I am feeling today is what I do experience tomorrow. Continue reading

Holding On to the Real Me!

What do we do when we have lots of feedback from our loved ones telling us to STOP CHANGING?

This is a question that I have been forced to look at every time I begin to come to a new understanding for myself. It seems that those closest to me all want to come at me for different reasons. They panic, they want to know why I have to change. They claim things were good as they were. They whine about not being able to make me happy. They say, “I do all these things to change and you are just never happy!” Well I would like you to think about something please. Continue reading

Passion for life

When we wake in the morning, do we smile to ourselves? Are we happy to be here? Can we get up with a true reason to be here? To find a passion that allows us to feel these things should be the only reason we exist. Why, you ask? Well I believe that without our very own will to stand up and smile and be happy just because, why should we stay? Continue reading