When Stories Get Triggered

surpriseHow do you ask a question of someone else when the subject is very near and dear to you? I am talking about those questions that affect how your little girl or boy get triggered and want to make you scream and yell and even at times cry. Well I hope you know me well enough by now that of course I am going to go into the spiritual side of this question.

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The Process for Success

how-math-works-5I have been working in one of my classes and so I would like to share with you some of the questions that seem to predominate in this class.The one thing that is worked on in each class is how to evaluate the experiences you are having so that you can begin to know yourself without hesitation. What I heard was that people need to understand that the process for success, time and time again, is to remember that to be ahead of your life and be in charge you remember to evaluate the invitation, or life experience, in the truth.

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The Answer is Within Your Reach

You are not happychanges_ahead, you want changes in your world, you have known what it is going to take to make yourself happy yet you do everything but the one thing that is going to change your life. Why do you think that is? Continue reading

Self gratification takes others to feel FOR you, Filling Your Needs is an Internal Process.

Self gratification is different from filling your own needs. The first has an outcome that depends on others to have it done for you, where truly filling your needs is an internal process first; Which then allows the internal guidance to lead us to take the steps which will have the fulfillment of our need created. It is done in such a way that each of us knows just how we had our needs fulfillment brought to us… for us… by us.

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beginning to understand mind chatter effects…

As I was beginning to see that all that chatter that was going on while I was trying to learn to meditate was getting in my way and frustrating me, it came to me that maybe that mind chatter was also getting in my way of  peace and harmony.

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Sometimes the smallest thing makes the greatest difference!

How many times have we had the opportunity to take a baby step, but in our mind we could not see us changing our life structure to accept that baby step. That is the one place that keeps us experiencing over and over again, the life we do not want any longer.

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