Taking Physical Steps Toward Happiness

Taking Physical Steps to Change Your LifeHow do you, as a new student in communicating with one’s self and learning to really hear and begin to make changes, begin the communications with the children in your lives that we have now acting out because of you not taking the physical steps that were necessary to create the happiness in your heart.

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The Answer is Within Your Reach

You are not happychanges_ahead, you want changes in your world, you have known what it is going to take to make yourself happy yet you do everything but the one thing that is going to change your life. Why do you think that is? Continue reading

Learn to Discern

When you are sharing your energy, you must become totally conscious that you are. This is where each and every one of us makes mistakes. Here you are, learning something new about yourself, you feel the power of you growing within you, you are on top of the world… Wow, can this get any better?

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Finding and Holding the truth of a story, your story.

When we begin to look for the story that we have been telling, one of the things that I personally learned to do, even if I did not like the beginning of the feeling for myself, is to  find a group of people who I could trust. Trust because you will need them to have the strength to challenge you in a way that allows you to break through the hurt emotions that have become the very fabric of your story.

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